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An ode to the Mediterranean soil through the roar of the sea and the fragments it draws in its dance. Blend the limits of interior/exterior, through organic simplicity, warmth.


An invitation to dance to the rhythm of the soil and sea.


The dance

'Infinite dance in search of balance.


​ Spring that flows in the desire to control everything. ​


Traces engraved in memory.'


Felt made of sheep wool from extensive flocks in Mallorca by @llanatura, on linen and oak frame.

Woven series using clean wool from the virgin fleece of the native "Ovella Roja Mallorquina" breed, processed by @llanatura, with details in natural Uruguayan merino wool and felt.

The soil

'The patient ground draws its map.

Echoes of the past, secrets revealed.

Time does not cease'


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