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My eyes capture thousands of images, mental photos.

Saved on my memory reel.

That come to life through what I create, a new narrative.

Resignifying fragments of life, weaving living memories.

Inviting to the deep, silent and a introspective contemplation.

Ana Grajales

Uruguayan Textile Artist and Industrial Designer, based in Mallorca.


'For me to create is to capture my unique way of seeing and feeling through shapes, colors and textures. ​


I create slowly, weaving pieces on a loom, giving new meaning to an ancestral craft. ​


My work focuses mainly on experimentation with natural fibers, especially wool, using both Uruguayan and Mallorcan wool, seeking the fusion of both identities. ​


I also experiment through sculpture, light and writing, fusing various media and materials in the quest to build my own experiential universe.'

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