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My Story

My story with wool comes from another life. ​


In this one, came back to me in 2017. ​


Returned to transform the pain, to help me in my reconquest, to weave fragments of my life. ​


That day was the beginning of everything.

Over the years a lot changed, but there was something that remained intact, that strength, that voice that always told me that there was something more than what I knew waiting for me.​


To be writing this today, I had to tear down a few beliefs, fighting several battles and tear off a few layers.


Wool and art allowed me to connect with new parts, places that I didn't know existed, but above all things they showed me the way, the one that makes my skin crawl.

​In 2021, after a vacations in Mallorca, it became clear to me that the life I had built for myself no longer resonated with me.


A year and a half later, I left Uruguay and moved to the island, I'm still here.​ ​


I began the journey back to this land, one very similar (and not so similar), to the one my great-grandmother Saladina made more than 80 years ago from Spain to Uruguay.


I began to navigate new depths, explore new territories, my gaze changed again.​


I began to inhabit the silence, time stopped slipping away, I understood that as long as I have myself, I will always be in home.​


I write my story every day, weaving living memories.​​


If you want to know more about this trip, I invite you to browse my diary, there you will find short stories that I share from my Substack account. Convesations at home, away from the noise and urgency. Subscribe to receive them in your inbox by clicking here.. ¡See you soon!

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