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1. the essence

the journey begins

We will go to your story, your values,  to find the magic of your universe and begin to conceptualize it through images, colors and textures.

l Includes briefing with questions, online session, moodboard where we will dream the proposal.



1. Styling

the journey begins

We will define the place where the piece will be placed, measurements, shape, color palettes and fibers to use.

Includes consultation through photos of the space.

*If the project requires an on-site visit, it will be arranged individually.


2. Design

The journey


Conceptualization of the piece. The design proposal will be made through sketches and an assembly sketch to view the piece via online.

3. Weaving a new narrative

The ritual begins

Once the design is defined, the process of creating the piece will begin, slowly and sustainably.  ​


The entire process is artisanal, using natural wool of excellent quality, certified under animal welfare conditions.


​The creation time of the piece will depend on the size of the project, which we will define in the first stage.


4. The end

Connect through beauty

The shipment of the piece will be coordinated and quoted once it is finished.


If you need assistance with installation, it will be coordinated and quoted taking into account the needs of each project.

Leave us your email and we will send you the proposal.

Thank you for contacting us, we will send you the proposal as soon as possible.

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